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Smart Savings

Welcome to the Smart Savings theme page!

Sustainability is high on everyone's agenda. The realization that humans are leaving an ever deeper and footprint on the earth is getting through to more and more people. The majority of Dutch people see pollution and global warming as problematic. As a result, we notice that there is an increasing interest and need to include sustainability in new investments.

Sustainable investing

We can help you, and show that a sustainable investment is not necessarily more expensive than a non-sustainable investment. Everything on this page revolves around sustainable investments that quickly pay for themselves.

Take our itsme FactoryScan. In time you will have to replace all kinds of parts, such as lamps, drivers or transformers in your warehouse, office or production location. We map out the lifespan of these parts for you. Often a part can no longer be replaced one-on-one, for example many fluorescent tubes have been banned in the European Union since 1 September and are no longer produced.

We know what the (sustainable) alternative is, and we make a plan to replace it so that you have the new part before the end of the life of the old part, without your work coming to a standstill.

Keep an eye on this page and stay informed about new initiatives!


itsme Factory Scan

Our itsme Industrial Automation specialists and itsme Lighting Technology specialists  help you with smart and green solutions for maximum performance! Outages and end of life are no longer a surprise with the itsme FactoryScan. We map out risks with you and provide solutions.

The FactoryScan is available with our partners Danfoss, Siemens and Philips.


Below you will find per partner what the FactoryScan entails. It is possible to request more information or contact us to schedule a FactoryScan!

Danfoss: Well Prepared
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Siemens: prevention is better than standing still
Click here for the article about the itsme FactoryScan
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Philips: the fluorescent tube goes out
Click here for the article about the itsme FactoryScan
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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    13 sep. 2023
    Schneider Electric - ClimaSys: prevent downtime
    Downtime is often caused by overheating. With good cabinet climate control, you can prevent this. In addition, proper climate control provides a sustainable solution. It has been shown that components last up to two times longer at the right operating temperature. Prevention of failures Ensuring continuity and increasing productivity are often goals of factories. This comes down to preventing breakdowns that can lead to downtime. Proper climate control within the cabinet is essential here. If components overheat, this can lead to downtime or shortened service life. Downtime is often caused by overheating. You can prevent this with proper temperature management. Want to make the right choices when it comes to climate control?
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  • NEWS
    4 sep. 2023
    Siemens - Introduces the new generation of variable speed drives
    With the Sinamics G220 series, Siemens further expands its portfolio of AC drives. The series includes several variants, including an IP55 variant and a Clean Power version where harmonics can be reduced by up to 97 per cent without external chokes. The Sinamics G220 variable speed drives position themselves as the most high-end and all-round within the Siemens portfolio. Many functions and components are integrated as standard or can be added via option modules, making the inverters very flexible and versatile. Additions such as an IP55 variant, standard 3C3 coating, monitoring of ATEX motors and an encoder input make the controllers suitable for a variety of sectors such as: offshore, chemical, oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical and automotive.
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  • NEWS
    18 aug. 2023
    Leuze - I can’t see it but I do hear it!
    Ultrasonic sensors from Leuze: Multifunctional, compact and economic pricing! Its 60th anniversary already indicates that Leuze is a reliable link for detecting and signalling in industrial automation. This is partly due to many patents and its presence in many machines, along conveyor belts, in factory halls and so on. Besides the many possibilities with optical sensors, Leuze would especially like to underline that this is not the only thing they do. For example, the latest addition within their range of ultrasonic sensors is a completely new series of switching and measuring ultrasonic sensors HTU 200 and DMU 200 that helps you when an optical or inductive sensor can't cope! Equipped with IO-Link and available in standard length, but also many "short body" shapes available.
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  • NEWS
    16 aug. 2023
    ABB - Just push it
    Reliable, fast and tool-free installation of solid cables or cables with ferrules? Push-in spring installation technology makes it possible. ABB has a very complete range of push-in spring solutions. This offers you as a machine or panel builder new possibilities in the construction of control cabinets. Just push it! For both OEMs and machine and panel builders, working efficiently is a must. This makes it possible to maintain high quality standards and maximize profits. ABB's push-in spring solutions set a new standard in the industry. The new features offered by push-in spring technology, such as twice as fast installation, help you build control cabinets even faster and thereby achieve new levels of efficiency.
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