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About Festo

Global player Festo is an independent family business based in Esslingen am Neckar (Germany). The company provides pneumatic and electrical automation technology to 300,000 factory and process automation customers in more than 35 business sectors.

Festo products and services are marketed in 176 countries. With around 21,000 employees in more than 250 locations in 61 countries worldwide, Festo achieved a turnover of approximately 2.8 billion euros in 2020. Annually, approximately 8% of this turnover is invested in research and development. As a learning company, Festo invests 1.5% of its turnover in basic and follow-up training.

Your motion, our solution


Pneumatic actuators

In pneumatic cylinders, compressed air is used to exert force on a cylinder piston in order to move it in a certain direction. The movement of the piston is transmitted via the piston rod or the magnetic force lock to the workpieces to be moved. A pneumatic cylinder is an actuator that is operated with compressed air, usually to a maximum of 12 bar, to generate a linear or rotary movement. A distinction is made between single-acting and double-acting cylinders (working in one direction only or in both directions). Typical application areas for pneumatic actuators are clamping, lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, feeding, rotating, gripping, clamping and holding, connecting, stopping, stamping, embossing and many more. Pneumatic actuators are characterized by high acceleration and deceleration. The achievable speeds are between 10 mm/s and a maximum of 3 m/s. Pneumatic actuators are robust and flexible due to the compressibility of the air.

Standard cylinders are pneumatic cylinders with standardized dimensions and mounting interfaces. With regard to these dimensions, standard cylinders are identical to a standard. There are standards for piston rod cylinders in round design (ISO 6432), in compact design (ISO 21287) and for large cylinders (ISO 15552).


Simplified Motion Series

The step to electrical automation technology is not easy. Besides extensive knowledge of electricity and software, you also need a relatively high budget. So it's no wonder that, until now, the benefits of electrical automation have been reserved for complex motion specifications. That is now changing: with the Simplified Motion Series we offer you an automation solution that bridges the gap between easy-to-install pneumatics and smart electrical automation. Make your production more efficient: simple with plug-and-work.


Electric drives and seamless connectivity

Seamless connectivity!

Mechanical, electrical and intelligent: The unique, scalable electrical automation platform combines electrical diversity and proven servo technology.

On the way to seamless automation of machines and plants,
Festo offers a unique range of solutions. We help you to connect your
and modules with one another, so that they always
at any time, mechanically, electrically and intelligently interact.

This enables you to implement numerous applications, from simple
from simple machine and control systems to the prefabrication of complex mechatronic subsystems.


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