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Whether it concerns industrial controllers in the food industry, electricity production or water management - hardly any of today’s industries can do without electronics and electrical connectivity.

In this internationalised, technologically changing world, the complexity of requirements is rapidly increasing due to the emergence of new markets. New, more varied challenges have to be overcome, and the solutions to them will not be found in high-tech products alone.

Connectivity is the key, whether it involves power, signals and data, demands and solutions or theory and practice. Industrial Connectivity needs connections. And that’s precisely what we stand for.

Weidmüller Configurator

Proven configuration designs in real 3D
The integrated plausibility and collision check with the complete digital documentation ensures that you can rely 100% on your configuration

Seamless E-CAD Integration
Integrated interfaces enable the simple exchange ofproduct data between the WMC and all common engineering tools, such as Zuken E³ or EPLAN Electric P8.

Interfaces for automated production
For further assembly, labelling with M-Print® PRO and cabling, the WMC provides all the digital information required for complete process automation. This enables us to provide Fast Delivery Service

Data based on industry standard ECLASS
Use digital product information based on the ECLASS advanced standard: high quality and future-proof.

Wire Processing Center

Semi-automated cable assembly and marking – Modular system for communication-capable cable processing machines and printers – Direct EPLAN import and other CAE programmes via CSV file – All machines can also be used in stand-alone mode.

Compact workingstation

Cable assembly, wiring and marking activities in panel building are still time-consuming. There are fully-automated systems for large-scale production, however they are not suitable or profitable for the project business of panel builders, who often need to use classic tools. This is precisely where the Wire Processing Center (WPC) from Weidmüller is advantageous – perfectly coordinated components that are housed on a mobile workstation. This means that the compact workstation can be moved around and positioned wherever it is needed. Improvised working at the panel and having to continually walk back and forth between the installation site and the workstation are things of the past.

Cutting, stripping, crimping and printing

The WPC comprises a cutting machine, an automatic stripper and crimper and a thermotransfer printer. Furthermore, there are cable feeding systems for cable reels directly on the WPC or the feeding of upstream systems such as for larger cardboard boxes. A rack system for stockpiling consumables is also included. With the WPC, wire cross-sections from 0.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 (~ AWG 20 – 14) can also be processed.

Cutting tools
Weidmüller is a specialist in cutting copper or aluminium cables. Our range of products extends from cutters for small cross-sections with direct force application to cutters for large diameters. The mechanical drive and specially designed cutter shape minimise the effort required. With our wide range of cutting products, we meet all the criteria for professional cable processing.
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Crimping tools
Crimping forms a secure connection between conductor and contact and has largely replaced soldering. A non-detachable connection can be made only with high-quality precision tools. We provide you with a wide range of high-quality and practical mechanical crimping tools. Crimped connections made with Weidmüller tools comply with international standards and regulations.
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Tool Chest
In a classic panel building project 72 % of the working time in installation is required for mechanical assembly and wiring. What if you could achieve a 10 % increase in efficiency through standardisation? This is possible with the Weidmüller panel building tool chest, which was specially developed according to 5S and lean principles. With the tool chest, tools and working materials can be organised optimally for quick and efficient access at any time. It combines the best quality with intelligent features. That saves time and reduces costs.
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Stripping tools
Whether small or large wire cross-sections: our professional stripping tools guarantee error-free processing with consistently reliable results. This is achieved by exact matching of insulation and wire cross-section. With our wide range of stripping products we fulfil all criteria of professional wire processing.
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    28 feb. 2024
    Weidmüller - Switching power supplies PROtop
    With our innovative PROtop solution, you stay competitive thanks to long-term energy cost reductions, increased system availability and high MTBF values.
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  • NEWS
    19 dec. 2023
    Weidmüller - Switching power supplies
    Both in 24-hour production plants and applications with the highest safety requirements, as well as in simple applications in series machine construction, three decisive factors are particularly important for profitability: plant availability, maintenance costs and energy requirements. The demands placed on switching power supplies are therefore high. When choosing the right power supply, special attention must therefore be paid to service life, energy efficiency and reliability. Although space-saving solutions are increasingly obvious due to the ever-increasing number of functions, the ability to communicate also plays an increasingly decisive role.
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  • NEWS
    27 jul. 2023
    Weidmüller - Managed Switches
    Establishing an Industrial Network that meets the requirements of a future-proof infrastructure with high availability, reliability and transparency is becoming increasingly important.
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  • NEWS
    31 mei 2022
    With SNAP IN, installation and maintenance work can be performed just as quickly as snapping your fingers. The new connection is, in principle, just as simple as it is to use: the stripped conductor is inserted directly into open connection points, and snaps into place with an audible “click”. The other way round is just as fast. The connection point can be re-opened simply by pushing on the lever and removing the connected conductor.
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    4 mei 2021
    When time pressure rules your schedule
    Design and delivery of industrial turnkey projects, automation of operating systems; Mario Claes, owner of Etec Systems in Balen \(Belgium\), has been drawing on a continuously growing source of experience since fourteen years now. Each situation reveals unique challenges. Each solution contributes to an ever expanding range of knowledge
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    4 mrt. 2021
    Sustainable from top to bottom
    On the outskirts of Hengelo-Zuid tons of waste are given a new purpose each year. Through incineration, separation and composting, energy and raw materials are extracted and find their way back to society. With the heat that is released during incineration, Twence generates enough power to provide half of all households in the Twente \(region in the Eastern Netherlands\) with electricity. In order to guarantee the continuity of all the plants, operators carry out regular inspection rounds in the installations, so good visibility is important. In switching from fluorescent lighting to LED, Twence enlisted the help of itsme.
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    8 feb. 2021
    Clear communication is half the battle
    eReM provided complete electrical installation for new shipyard in Kenya Sometimes a project seems to have been arranged from front to back. But what if you are asked at the very last minute to show what your company is capable of? At eReM in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, they know all about it. In part thanks to a rock-solid offer they convinced their end customer – an internationally operating Dutch shipbuilder – to come on board with them. And in this case literally because, as it concerned the installation of the entire electrical system of a new shipyard in Kenya, the components were shipped by sea freight. Their main challenge? In the preliminary phase everything had to be 100% correct. This required thorough preparation in which eReM could count on support from itsme.
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    20 jan. 2021
    Dycore takes lighting to the next level
    Improved visibility enhances safety and work comfort Precast concrete flooring systems for residential and non-residential construction. At Dycore they know all about it. Adequate lighting in both production and transferring of these floors is essential. Safety comes first, closely followed by the avoidance of damage. Jos de Laat, head of the Technical Department at Dycore Breda, explains that as a specialist they like to focus exclusively on concrete floors, with other affairs being regularly outsourced. “For our lighting, I rely on itsme’s specialism.”
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