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Business purpose

itsme is a B2B distributor of (electro)technical and mechanical products. itsme stands for Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical. In addition to millions of products, itsme provides a wide range of advisory and support services related to industrial automation, lighting and internal logistics. For years, itsme has been counted among the best industrial suppliers by the industry. In 2021, itsme was even officially voted best industrial supplier. In 2022, itsme was still the runner-up.

The mission of itsme is summed up in the motto 'Making You Succeed'. Our goal is to support customers on the road to success. In doing so, we use the so-called omnichannel strategy, a strategy in which the customer is put at the centre and the organisation is set up according to his needs. The quality itsme strives for in fulfilling its mission is guaranteed by our quality management system, which complies with the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 standard.

The following organisations are certified:

  • itsme Holding B.V.
  • itsme B.V.
  • Breemes N.V.
  • Elektres S.A.


The quality philosophy of itsme is characterised by:

Increasing customer satisfaction

The continuous improvement of our business processes helps ensure that we offer our customers the service they require from itsme in the best possible way. The aim of this is to lay a solid foundation for satisfied and loyal customers. We want to continue to meet or, if possible, exceed their expectations.

Demonstrable quality

With our time-tested and certified ISO 9001 management system, we demonstrate that we control our processes reliably in order to deliver our products and services in line with the requirements customers place on us and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Cost savings

With the streamlined processes of our effectively designed quality management system, we minimise errors, work more efficiently and achieve more with fewer resources.


Entirely in the spirit of the international ISO 9001 standard, itsme uses the process approach. This includes risk-based thinking in which the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle plays an important role. With this way of thinking, we are alert to risks and (improvement) opportunities and respond to changes in our organisation and in the market.

itsme habits

Besides process-based norms, itsme also applies certain social norms. Our behaviour is an important part of striving for quality. That is why we like to see a number of good habits in our dealings with people inside and outside itsme. We call these internal core values the itsme habits.


An itsme employee communicates in a structured way, in understandable and correct language.


An itsme employee keeps appointments, procedures, schedules, regulations and time limits. In doing so, he/she adheres to the organisation's policies and procedures.


An itsme employee acts in good conscience, with awareness of the norms and values of the individual and the organisation.


An itsme employee listens well and is able to pick up important messages from (non-)verbal information. If necessary, he/she asks further questions and responds to reactions.

Open to feedback

An itsme employee learns from criticism from others and is willing to acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings.


An itsme employee is open to the feelings and opinions of others and treats them with understanding.

An itsme employee is able to be independent of others. He/she is able to make choices independently.



On 10 November 2023, itsme received the latest NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certificate from Bureau Veritas. ISO 27001 certification was obtained on 18 December 2023, signalling compliance with all the requirements of this information security standard.



If you have any further questions about our ISO certifications, please contact itsme at qhse@itsme.eu.

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