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Periodic Check


An investment in new lighting is a long-term investment. The period in which you will save on energy is also long. Bear in mind that LED lighting lasts four to five times longer than conventional lighting. But how can you be sure that your investment will actually pay for itself? How will the new lighting in your factory pay for itself, now and in the future?


Finger on the pulse

Ask itsme for a periodic check of your lighting. We visit your location annually or biannually and check whether the lighting still does what was agreed with you. We do this based on the agreements in the Light Acceptance Test. We record our findings in a report and also share them with the manufacturer. You should therefore see our periodic inspection as an insurance for you and the manufacturer. Both parties can therefore rely on the same, complete information.


Call one of our experts

Are you interested in a periodic check of your new lighting? Make an appointment with one of our experts.

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Second opinion
You want security, also when it concerns the future lighting at your production location. So we’re happy to assess an existing lighting design, regardless of whether it concerns your future investment or the technical specifications of the lighting. After we receive the documentation from you, we assess if it is complete and send you a free offer for a report within one week.
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Lighting Technology
Economical and sustainable lighting helps you save. But where do you start for your product location? What will an investment in new lighting bring you and how quickly will you see a return? Within the enormous range of lighting solutions, it’s nice if you can rely on independent advice. Based on experiences and best practices - exactly the way itsme offers Lighting Technology.
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