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Murrelektronik is a leading company in the development and manufacture of decentralized automation technology for machines and plants. They focus on four core areas: 

  • power supply, 
  • interfaces, 
  • connection cables and 
  • IO systems.

Unique are their innovative quality products, their pronounced customer and market focus. The solutions of Murrelektronik make your machines and plants better. Whoever bets on Murrelektronik gets a better market position.

Product Groups

Signal and data cables
Murrelektronik has a variety of signal and data cables. Signal cables straight or angled, with or without LED, shielded or unshielded, Male or Female. Made of PUR, PVC or welding spark resistant PUR. Murrelektronik also offers reliable and safe data cables - with a particularly favorable price/performance ratio.
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Power cables
For optimal operation of industrial systems, a stable and safe power supply is essential. Murrelektronik offers a wide range of cable types and heavy-duty connectors specifically designed to provide power for fieldbus modules, motors and other equipment.
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I/O systems
Connect actuators and sensors in the plant to the control system. Usually there is little space, while often large distances have to be covered. The environment can be neat, but also demanding. Murrelektronik has a wide variety of I/O systems; from practical distributors to high-performance fieldbus systems.
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Power supply
Switchgear components from Murrelektronik ensure optimum power supply in machines and plants. Thus, a continuous power supply of a high level is guaranteed. The focus is on high efficiency. Installation takes little time. Mains filters and buffer modules guarantee high system availability.
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Cable tracks - Cable transit systems
Cable beads from Murrplastik are distinguished by their loadability, easy assembly and maintenance, and optimum adaptation to a wide range of applications. They offer complete solutions for the most diverse applications: cable beads, cable routing systems, guide channels, cables, racking systems, strain relief systems, connection components, etc.
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Control devices and Lighting elements
The compact and flexible control and signaling modules from Murrelektronik are easy to install. With various control functions such as push button with lighting, signal lamp, selector and key switch and emergency stop. Murrelektronik's light systems with LED technology have a long service life and low energy consumption.
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