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Product groups

Motion and Drives
The high-end variable speed drives and softstarters provide very precise control and performance. Starting from compact products to custom-engineered solutions, they are developed with the highest quality level to meet your needs.
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Control and Signaling
State-of-the-art control and signaling devices for operator efficiency and effectiveness. The wide Harmony range includes push buttons, pilot lights, switches, tower lights, HMIs and more.
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HMI and Industrial PCs
Unlock the power of seamless human-machine interaction with Schneider Electric's HMI displays and industrial PCs. Discover a diverse range to meet your requirements, ranging from compact and cost-effective panels to advanced industrial PCs.
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Industrial enclosures
Optimize your electrical installations with a diverse range of industrial enclosures and climate control solutions. From floor-standing enclosures to wall-mounted cabinets, Schneider Electric offers a range of options in plastic, stainless steel and metal/polyester suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
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PLC and PAC controllers
Drive the performance of your machines and industrial processes with a wide range of PLCs and PAC controllers. Choose from a wide range of Modicon controllers for simple to complex machines as well as for industrial processes and infrastructures.
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Motor Starters and Protection Components
With a wide range of modular \(reversing\) contactors, safety switches and motor starters, there is always a tailor-made solution for you. This guarantees accurate performance and maximum lifespan for your motors.
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Tools & Training​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Do you like to work quickly and efficiently? Schneider Electric's digital tools not only make your work easier to understand, but also save you a lot of time. Configure your motor control in no time and place the products directly in your shopping cart. Check out our configurator below!

Motor control Configure
Our seamlessly integrated Motor Control Configurator from Schneider Electric: configure and order in a few clicks!
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Industrial configurators
Choose from our rich selection of Schneider Electric product configurators! Pushbuttons, relays, soft starters, AC drives, power distribution, HMIs, PLCs, power supplies, modular safety controllers, enclosures and motor starters are available for configuration and easy ordering!
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The story of Schneider Electric

Schneider’s purpose is to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all.

We call this Life Is On

Our mission is to be your digital partner for Sustainability and Efficiency. 

We drive digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies, end-point to cloud connecting products, controls, software and services, across the entire lifecycle, enabling integrated company management, for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.

We are the most local of global companies. We are advocates of open standards and partnership ecosystems that are passionate about our shared Meaningful Purpose, Inclusive and Empowered values.

In the spotlight: De Rolls- Royce van Schneider
The Modicon M580S (Safety) is a controller with safety modules and integrated safety functions. Built on the award-winning Modicon platform, Schneider Electric's Modicon M580 Safety Controller combines the performance of its flagship Modicon M580 Ethernet programmable automation controller (ePAC) with double the processing power for the independent control of safety and process functions. Industrial users can now take advantage of the very best M580 performance, network functions and cyber security without having to design, install and maintain separate safety systems. This approach to unifying independent plant safety and process control protects the entire business environment, meaning that a failure in the process control system will not cause a failure in the safety system or affect the safety of the plant, people and all assets.
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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    10 nov. 2023
    Schneider Electric - PanelSeT SFN
    The new generation of floor-standing enclosures PanelSeT SFN is the improved version of the successful Spacial SF. Because the accessories and mounting points of the SFN and SF enclosures have remained the same, they are 100% interchangeable and linkable. - Sustainable: The PanelSeT SFN is made of 50% recycled steel and manufactured with renewable energy sources, reducing CO2 emissions by 34%. We can prove this with a document, called a PEP material passport. Documents like this come in handy when making a sustainability report in accordance with CSRD regulations. PanelSeT SFN is future-ready and specially designed with environmental regulations in mind. It also features eco-friendly packaging with 80% recycled cardboard and almost no plastic.
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  • NEWS
    13 sep. 2023
    Schneider Electric - ClimaSys: prevent downtime
    Downtime is often caused by overheating. With good cabinet climate control, you can prevent this. In addition, proper climate control provides a sustainable solution. It has been shown that components last up to two times longer at the right operating temperature. Prevention of failures Ensuring continuity and increasing productivity are often goals of factories. This comes down to preventing breakdowns that can lead to downtime. Proper climate control within the cabinet is essential here. If components overheat, this can lead to downtime or shortened service life. Downtime is often caused by overheating. You can prevent this with proper temperature management. Want to make the right choices when it comes to climate control?
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  • NEWS
    30 aug. 2023
    Schneider Electric - Harmony Hub
    Harmony Hub is a wireless system based on the generic ZigBee communication protocol for your existing industrial plants and processes. Collect concrete signals from a control panel and generate data via wireless components such as limit switches, push buttons and sensors.
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  • NEWS
    5 apr. 2023
    Schneider Electric - Energy efficiency and motors
    Most processes in industrial plants depend on electric motors. Electric motors are thus critical assets for many industrial activities, but at the same time also major consumers of energy.
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Check out our other success stories:

    12 aug. 2021
    A trusted partner for customised automation
    Forcada Instalaciones has specialised in bespoke automation, for which they have sought a reliable supplier they could work with as a team to provide the most efficient solutions.
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    26 mei 2021
    Grip on your production process
    Although the provisioning of care homes is often well organised, on the flip side there is sometimes still room for improvement, especially where hygiene processes are concerned. With that in mind, Jop van Haaren, director and owner of Less2Care from Raalte, set out to work ten years ago. The result? The VacuSan: an automated solution for the safe vacuum sealing and disposal of used incontinence materials. The electronic parts of the operating system are delivered as a kit – a customer-specific package – by itsme. “As a customer you don’t need to worry about it anymore.”
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    4 mei 2021
    When time pressure rules your schedule
    Design and delivery of industrial turnkey projects, automation of operating systems; Mario Claes, owner of Etec Systems in Balen \(Belgium\), has been drawing on a continuously growing source of experience since fourteen years now. Each situation reveals unique challenges. Each solution contributes to an ever expanding range of knowledge
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    15 mrt. 2021
    Partner under pressure
    Every single day, both small and medium-sized companies are faced with the challenge of reasserting their position in value chains. They mostly accomplish this through customised solutions, produced by using special machinery. Against this background, it is vital to increase the flexibility and speed of maintenance performance, as demonstrated by a joint project between AL-KO DÄMPFUNGSTECHNIK GMBH and itsme Schultz+Erbse.
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