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Save energy costs with a compressed air check

A small investment in leak detection and repair can pay off many times over in saved energy costs.  

Do you think that the compressed air capacity of your compressor(s) is too low? Don't invest immediately in a new compressor, but let us carry out a compressed air check first. Did you know that compressed air systems have an average air loss of 20-35%? This is often due to inaudible leaks. With advanced equipment, we can detect and identify these leaks.

Our compressed air check involves two steps:

1. Intake

An appointment is made with our technical sales engineer (TSE). This TSE comes by with a load of information about the compressed air check and, accompanied by an employee of the company, makes a tour of the site to see if leak detection is necessary. If so, we will make an investigation plan. 

Leak 17 from day 2. Image from a report.

2. Check

During the investigation, our expert scans the designated location for possible leaks. He can work independently, but it is preferable to have someone from the company accompany him. Once all leaks have been detected and visualised, they are incorporated into a comprehensive report.

The report includes where the leaks are located, how to fix them and what this could save in energy costs. It also contains a clear overview of the components in need of replacement. If such a component runs out, an alternative is indicated. We also indicate whether the compressed air output is sufficient and whether the pipe network is calculated for the current take-up.

When the report is ready, we come and discuss it with you in person. On the basis of the report and a quotation for the parts that need replacing, we will discuss the best follow-up steps in your situation. Of course, you are completely free to repair the leaks yourself (or have them repaired), but we can also take care of that for you. 

How long does it take and what is the investment?

The intake is free of charge. The check itself is a paid service. The duration of the check and the associated costs depend on the size of the site and the number of pneumatic components to be measured. On average, the check takes between half a working day and two working days. The total cost depends on the duration of the check and travel time. A check of one working day is an investment of around 1,500 euros. This indication is subject to change and does not include any subsequent costing that may be required.

The loss per leak. Detail from a report.

What does it deliver?

If the leakage is fixed everywhere, then the substantial savings on your energy costs begin. An example is the success story of Saint-Gobain, manufacturer of grinding wheels in Eibergen.

The attached graph gives an idea of the 'leaked away' energy costs. For relatively modest leakage rates of 5% and 10%, you can see the share in the total energy costs of the compressed air plant. It is a calculation example from 2022, based on a 90 kW compressor running 90% of a 24/7 service. The exact figures of this calculation example can be found here.


We carry out the compressed air check with professionals. They can advise you on the best way to tackle your current situation immediately. Call +31 (0)76 578 28 79 and make a no-obligation call appointment with our TSE, or complete the form below.

What can a FactoryScan do for my location?


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