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Process Scan

If you have problems with your stock management or want to indicate improvements, you can identify them perfectly with the help of our process scans. This does not only include problems with the stock value ("mismatch" and obsolescence), but also, for example, the control of procurement costs (optimisation, automation). Thanks to our process scans, you can quickly realise improvements and use the freed up resources for other process improvements. Depending on your situation and preferences, we can provide insight into your logistics processes in several ways.

Quick scan

You can also opt for a quick scan. This is an extensive telephone conversation with one of our specialists, in which we ask you in advance for a spreadsheet of a cost-benefit analysis with regard to stock management. On the basis of this data, we will start calculating. This quick scan will give you an insight into your process costs and you will have a good basis for a follow up session or a brown paper session. 

Brown paper session

A brown paper session is a tried and tested method of gaining insight into certain business processes. Our certified advisors organise such a meeting at your location for the group of employees involved in the process under scrutiny. In the course of the session, which lasts some three to four hours, the participants gain clear insight into each other's contribution to the process. This makes this method ideal for companies with a less defined organisational structure. Within a week after the session, you will receive a description of the process. If, for example, the ROI on your current process turns out to be low, you will receive an offer with one or more logistical improvement proposals within two weeks. If necessary, we will also make you an offer for an OCI punchout or EDI connection. 

Your investment: € 1.500,-

Walkthrough session

The word says it all: a walkthrough session means that we literally walk through your company with one of your employees. During such a session, which lasts three to four hours, we will see your business process with our own eyes and will be able to give a good description of it. Of course, the better our guide knows the organisation, the more accurate our description. You will receive this document, including measurement results, within a week after our visit. In case of a low ROI on your current process, an offer with one or more improvement proposals will follow within two weeks.

Your investment: € 1.500,-

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