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ABB's Electrification Business Area is a global leader in the development of electrotechnical products and solutions, with over 200 production sites in some 100 countries. Our more than 50,000 employees are committed to changing the way people live, work and interact with each other every day through safe, smart and sustainable energy solutions. We shape future trends and distinguish ourselves with technological and digital innovation. In addition, we offer our customers an outstanding experience through operational excellence in the utility, industrial, building services, infrastructure and mobility sectors. 

Smart Industries

That is taking advantage of the opportunities of digitisation and the connected world. With production technology that is smart, energy-efficient, safe and sustainable, Dutch industry can continue to distinguish itself.

ABB understands the pressing challenges within the industry, such as changes in the energy landscape, margin pressure and need for continuity. These demands call for a synergy of digital and technology innovations to shape the energy transition and make production sites smarter and more sustainable. 

Today's solutions with tomorrow's technology, so that customers can continue to deliver added value. Working on a sustainable, safe and smart future?  Let's write the future! Together.

Product groups

ABB Ty-Rap®
Whether you need cable ties that can withstand extreme temperatures, flames, continuous sunlight, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals or cable ties with a high tension force: ABB Ty-Rap® has the right solution.
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DIN-rail componenten
In all sectors of industry, the DIN rail is a proven solution for quickly, safely and reliably mounting electrotechnical components and putting together customised solutions for, among other things, security and monitoring.
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Load breakers in cabinet
This switch-disconnector used as the main switch is used in a variety of applications. With enclosures made of UV-resistant material, IP65 for indoor and outdoor use. A wide range of accessories for quick installation time and safe maintenance.
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Machine safety
Safe, intelligent and sustainable solutions for machine safety. That's what you can expect from ABB. Solutions that take into account the specific requirements of industries or applications, such as hygiene and explosion hazard.
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Motor protection and control
Secure and control your motors for optimal availability. Tailormade solutions for all applications. Save space and installation time and make a future-proof choice. Also available with push-in spring technology.
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Power supplies
The CP series offers the latest technology for standard to high-performance solutions. The power supplies are suitable for power distribution and control cabinets and suitable for use in harsh environments.
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Energy monitoring

Getting started with ABB energy monitoring products

Linecard - food safety

Getting started with ABB products for the food industry

Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    31 mei 2024
    ABB - Emax2
    The Emax 2 series of circuit breakers is a proven solution in low-voltage applications to increase efficiency and improve reliability. Excellent connectivity, simple and time-saving installation and ease of use are key features that hold up under all conditions. ABB has further developed and expanded the features of the circuit breaker with a view to new applications and future expectations.
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  • NEWS
    1 mei 2024
    ABB - Double security lock with RFID
    Are you going for the highest level of security? Then meet MKey RFID: a security lock with double-locking function used to securely lock doors, gates and shutters. 
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  • NEWS
    7 mrt. 2024
    ABB - The next generation of industrial modular circuit breakers
    Discover a new level of performance, efficiency and safety with the S300P industrial modular circuit breakers. The series replaces the existing S200P series and offers numerous new features. The S300P provides reliable protection in demanding applications in industrial plants, heavy duty OEM, marine, data centres, battery charging systems. With a high short-circuit resistance of 25 kA over the entire series (0.2 A-63 A), safety is improved and downtime reduced.
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  • NEWS
    14 feb. 2024
    ABB - Ty-raps free sample
    Free Ty-Rap® Sample. Request it now and discover the benefits of the genuine Ty-Rap® from ABB.
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Check out our other success stories:

    12 jul. 2024
    DigiFlow - Making Life Easier for Customers
    Technical services provider Breemes supplies customers with PLCs, drives and other materials. Customers like industrial automation company Digi-Flow. Turnover, both parties feel, is not the ultimate indicator of a good relationship. Coming up with solutions together and providing knowledge are equally important. Ultimately, Breemes has to make the customer’s life easier, Digi-Flow CEO Eric Decant believes. Antwerp-based Digi-Flow assists industrial companies in their transformation to smart industrial environments using industrial automation and digitalisation. The company is a spin-off from ESAS Automation in 2020. Solindus, now ESAS, had grown into a company with 2,000 employees after its founding in 2003 by Eric and Robert Decant. With Digi-Flow, they wanted to go back to small-scale entrepreneurship. Eric Decant is now the CEO of the company, which has 30-plus employees. ‘I’m still ambitious, but I don’t want to complete this kind of strenuous trajectory on such a large scale anymore.’ Meanwhile, he is grooming his son to take over the reins. This makes Digi-Flow a true family business, as reflected in its core values of co-creation, long-term vision, lifelong growth and personal.
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    11 jul. 2024
    ATR Engineering - Short delivery times for components and decisions
    Being able to shift gears quickly is crucial to the success of industrial automation projects. This refers not only to the delivery of components but also to decision-making. Short lines of communication are important here. That was the case in the project to control a washing line for plastic PET flakes, in which ATR Engineering and itsme teamed up closely. ‘The added value of our collaboration is being able to anticipate customer requests extremely quickly.’ Bringing ten years of experience in industrial automation to the table, Adrie van Triest started his own company in 2019. With a broad approach, ATR Engineering in Berkel-Enschot focuses on hardware and software engineering. ‘Our area of expertise is offering total solutions for industrial automation centred around the design of PLC controls. We will sit down with a customer to discuss pending automation issues and we will determine the needs and wishes for a project together in advance. We also offer flexible support for projects or commissioning.’ ATR Engineering is a small company currently employing four engineers from different disciplines. There is also a permanent ‘flexible shell’ of engineers and technicians available to help during peak periods.
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    10 jul. 2024
    Top Cold Control - Short lines for energy management and project collaboration
    Specialist in industrial refrigeration Top Cold Control carries out complete projects, and energy management cannot be missing from that these days. This starts with a lot of measuring. For a cold store in Amsterdam, itsme, in consultation with Top Cold Control and the customer, designed a solution to integrate energy measurement in the control system. Top Cold Control from Nieuwkuijk, specialised in industrial refrigeration technology, realises large projects for customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and, through them, elsewhere in the world. These include refrigeration and freezer systems for slaughterhouses, processing companies, cold stores and transport companies. Top Cold Control can handle all common refrigerants, but specialises in the use of the natural refrigerants ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). For fast freezing, Top Cold Control supplies advanced, energy-efficient freezing tunnels. "The company stands out for its short lines of communication," says operations manager Arjan Maas. "We are always accessible and customers immediately get the right person on the line with us."
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    19 apr. 2024
    Dymotec - Open Lines in a ‘Perfect Storm’
    COVID-19 and global component scarcity threw the industry into a ‘perfect storm’. Industrial automator Dymotec and Breemes kept the phone lines constantly open to tackle the scarcity problem together with creativity and proactivity. Dymotec in Olen (B) focuses on industrial automation spanning a broad spectrum of industries, from food and pharma to logistics and metal. The company has been around for 30 years and joined the Jeco Energies Group in 2022. Dymotec now has some 50 employees and also has a flexible shell with technicians, programmers and project engineers. Ever since its establishment, the company from Kempen has had a relationship with (the predecessors of) Breemes.
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