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Network check

The MOT test of your network

An industrial data network must constantly keep up with changing (system) requirements to prevent failure and downtime and guarantee availability of production capacity. Therefore, changes to parameter settings, network expansions and hardware modifications should always be carefully thought out and implemented.

Production loss due to unplanned downtime usually involves high costs. To prevent or minimise downtime due to network problems, there is the network check.

Since prevention is still better than cure, the network check from itsme Industrial Automation is the best guarantee against downtime due to network problems, especially if the network system is older than five years. A periodic check - e.g. annually - gives you timely insight into the state of the network and allows you to take timely action to keep it working.

Intake interview/(preliminary) investigation

Our network check starts with a no-obligation and free telephone intake. We ask where the problem is and how big the network is. Based on that data, we estimate the time and investment the solution will require. If it is difficult to accurately estimate the extent of the problem remotely, the initial estimate can be adjusted after our network specialist has spent part of a day on site.   

On-site network check

Our specialist brings his knowledge and measuring equipment and then goes to work both physically and digitally. When doing so, he can be accompanied by the client. The physical part of the check consists of a quality check of the connections, connectors and cabling. The digital part is measuring through the installation to detect faults in the network. Common errors such as noise, reflections, voltage dips, termination resistance problems, duplicate addresses, wire breaks and configuration errors are thus revealed.    

A detailed report is generated from the measurement results. We supplement this report with improvement opportunities and our recommendations for possible follow-up steps.

On the basis of the report, we map out the best follow-up strategy together. This may involve replacing components, for example. If a component is no longer available, we can supply a replacement and possibly programme it. Support from itsme in one-to-one replacement or migration can be a follow-up to the network check. But you can also choose to arrange this yourself.

It is also possible to subscribe to the network check. A good time to start with this is a baseline measurement after the system has been put in order.

How long does it take and what is the investment?

The duration of the check depends on the nature and extent of any problems in the network under investigation. A half-day network check is an investment of 750 euros, including travel expenses, measurement, reporting and advice on follow-up strategy. For network checks lasting longer than half a day, in addition to the 750 euros, we charge 110 euros per hour.

What does it deliver?

You can rely more on the security of a well-functioning network. The report provides insight into your network and its possible problems. Above all, if a simple preventive check prevents unplanned production downtime, it can be a huge cost saver. A modest investment in a subscription also significantly reduces the risk of a multiple of those costs.


We perform the network check with professionals, employees and/or partners of itsme, like HMS Networks. Our experts are ready to work for you! Call +31 (0)76 578 28 79 for a no-obligation appointment with our network specialist or fill in the attached form.

Please note!

Call us immediately if error lights come on and/or error messages appear on your Profibus modules. In case of other alarm messages (HMI, SCADA), or if the system shows strange behaviour, such as sudden PLC stops and unexplained I/O outputs.

What can a FactoryScan do for my location?


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