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Industrial Automation

As a trendsetter in automation technology, we are the right partner for the realisation of your automation projects. Whether it is your short-term interests or your long-term challenges that are at stake, itsme offers comprehensive and in-depth support.


Want to increase productivity? This is possible with a training plan for you and your employees. Want to refresh your knowledge? Follow an intensive technical workshop. View our training offer or contact us for an individual offer.

Service and advice

It goes without saying that we offer service and advice in the preparation and realisation of your automation projects

Technical Support Desk

Our Industrial Automation experts help customers of itsme companies with a unique mix of theory and practice. You are more than just a number to us. If the need is great, our specialists will come to you.

Do you have a technical question? Then contact our Technical Support Desk. You can do this by e-mail or by phone: +31 (0)76 578 28 79.

itsme Industrial Automation YouTube channel

​​​​​​​We solve technical problems you encounter every day. Every year, this concerns thousands of questions that we answer in a practical and efficient way for companies in machine building, module buidling or technical maintenance. We naturally incorporate these experiences into our practical and efficient training programs, in which you learn hands-on and in familiar situations. We have now also started to share a selection of our experiences as tip & tricks on our YouTube channel. You will also find videos about new products and general information about itsme Industrial Automation.
​​​​​​​To the right, you get a sneak preview of one of our recent video publications.
Have a look at our channel and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Technical support desk
Get to know our Technical Support Desk. This is where our product specialists work. Real technicians, with in-depth knowledge of suppliers, industries and applications. They are experienced, provide training and know the practical challenges of machine manufacturers and industrial end users. And in addition to all that, they are there to assist you. Ready to answer your questions. Or help you immediately when needed.
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In the fast changing world of industrial automation you like to stay informed. A training or expert-workshop would be logical, but the offer must correspond with what a programmer or service engineer wants to learn. Opt therefore for customised learning material, with one of more than 65 training packages provided by itsme Industrial Automation. You won’t so much learn from a trainer, but mainly from a technician. From somebody who knows your world and takes the practical as a starting point.
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Network check
Industrial networks age. The older they get, the larger the risk of failure of network parts or malfunctions. Think of the red flashing lights, inexplicable movements or alarm notifications. Is you network experiencing malfunctions and do you rely on Profibus for your system? Inquire about our Profibus network check, whereby we check your network on-site. We use our equipment for a physical check and control connections, connectors and cabling.
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Of course new equipment must function at optimal capacity. Isn’t it annoying when you cannot get components to work? Or if you’re not sure if all of the settings are correct. In that case ask us to configure a frequency regulator or PLC. We know the automation technology of every manufacturer and can ensure quickly that all of your expensive equipment works. We do this on-site, or you can send us the component and have it configured at our site.
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Energy check
Cost reduction, fewer CO2 emissions: you have good reasons to save on energy. But where do you start in the world of industrial automation? How do you discover which installation uses the most energy? Ask us for an energy check. We measure your energy use, divided per component or area and provide a written report of our findings. This creates a detailed overview. And you will discover which measures will save you the most in the future.
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Imagine, a brand new machine on your production floor. Ready to make a powerful contribution to your organisation. But configuration alone is not enough. Who will make sure that the machine is working optimally? And as soon as possible?
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Test setup
In the fast changing landscape of industrial automation you want to keep moving. Standing still is not an option, new paths take you further. However, the threshold can be quite high, especially if you just want to test something. We can help you by proving a test set-up. We set it up with you, provide and lease components and ensure that the set-up actually works. Trust us: we love these types of experiments. Call it our contribution to a “Build-Measure-Learn” model. Or, even better: to your success.
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No matter how advanced a machine in your workplace is, what about everything around it? Is there enough light? Do you and your colleagues have everything within reach? And also important: do you have enough protection? The best work environment is one where the employee has everything he or she needs. That is exactly what we offer you with our workplace optimisation services.
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Engineering support
itsme Industrial Automation knows your world. We don’t just say that, we also show it. When we visit you, we don’t take a passive approach; itsme Industrial Automation knows your world. We don’t just say that, we also show it. When we visit you, we don’t take a passive approach. We take action and get straight to work for you. That pro-activeness defines us. Its effectiveness can be clearly seen in our engineering support services.
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Migration support
Production downtime is a nightmare for every end user or manufacturer. Still, it can happen to anyone. The impact of downtime is especially significant when a component or older product is no longer deliverable. Stay one step ahead of a doomsday scenario with our migration check. You will receive a report that we will review with you, stating how we can implement the migration to a new product for you, including software support. The report also includes information on recommended courses for your employees to learn how to work with the new equipment.
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