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Workplace Optimalisation

No matter how advanced a machine in your workplace may be, what’s the situation with everything around it? Is there enough light? Do you and your colleagues have everything within reach? And also important: do you have enough protection? The best working environment is one in which every employee has what he or she needs. That is precisely what we offer you with our workplace optimisation services. 

One provider for everything

Let us help you create a safe, efficient and comfortable workplace. We supply tools and machine tools with our own technical service, among others. We import our machines ourselves, maintain direct contact with manufacturers and stock parts. That works faster. More efficient. And for you in particular more economically, thanks to one provider who delivers a complete total package.

Save and reduce

Optimisation of your workplace improves not only processes, but also reduces the risk of production loss and accidents. Think for example of the transition from a wired to wireless workplace. And fewer wires means fewer checks, which saves costs. And do your employees use multiple brands for the same tool? Unity of battery chargers or spare parts for example is cheaper and everybody knows where he or she stands. With our advice for standardisation you may also profit in that area. 

​​​​​​​Start your optimisation

Find out the possibilities for your workplace and start with a free telephone conversation with one of our workplace specialists. We will phone you within one business day. Depending on your question, we will come by for an assessment. During this visit we will offer a price indication for a new machine, for example. Our quote will follow a few days later. Contact us soon, we will be happy to tell you more.

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