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High-quality cable ties

The innovative design and materials used make Ty-Rap® cable ties the perfect solution for demanding conditions. Ty-Rap cable ties, often imitated but never equaled, deliver the best results in every application. The complete Ty-Rap portfolio includes cable ties designed for specific applications. Whether it concerns cable ties that can withstand extreme temperatures, flames, continuous sunlight, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals or cable ties with a high tension force: ABB always has the right solution.

Main benefits

The Grip of Steel®: Ty-Rap's non-hygroscopic stainless steel locking mechanism ensures maximum strength and a longer lifespan
Fewer stress concentration points: the belt without notches limits the number of stressed concentration points and ensures a longer service life. Ridges and dots provide a firm grip and prevent the tire from shifting due to vibrations.
Hassle-free installation: The low profile of the head and oval shape facilitate pulling cable bundles through openings. Also easier on your hands.
Suitable for extreme and difficult conditions: available in various materials for use in corrosive, chemical, hot, cold and other demanding environments.


In 1958, Thomas & Betts introduced the original Ty-Rap® cable tie. This revolutionary invention was developed to simplify the bundling of hundreds of cables in the aviation industry.

Since then, the range of Ty-Rap® cable ties has been expanded with reusable, detectable, UV-resistant cable ties and other cable ties in various designs, all characterized by the anti-magnetic stainless steel closure.

When it comes to strength, durability, safety and reliability and performance, expert professionals choose ABB cable ties and accessories.

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