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Expected price changes

Price changes are currently the order of the day. On this page, we will inform you as quickly and completely as possible about the price changes that manufacturers and suppliers will implement. Price changes do not always apply to a manufacturer's entire range, but sometimes only to a brand or to certain product groups. This page is updated regularly and is indicative. No rights can be derived from the information on this page.

Questions about the consequences of price changes for your situation? If so, please contact one of our branches. We will be happy to help you find the best solution openly and honestly.


1-7-2023Schneider ElectricContactors+ 2.0%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricHMI+ 3.5%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricControl & Signaling+ 2.0%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricMachine Solutions & General Motion+ 3.5%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricSensor+ 2.0%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricDrives+ 3.5%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricEV Charging Infrastructure (PRO AC)- 4.5%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricActi9 &Resi9+ 5.5%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricKNX+ 2.0%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricPrisma+ 1.0%
1-7-2023Schneider ElectricCanalis+ 1.5%
1-7-2023DehnConnectors (P1)+ 5.0%
1-7-2023DehnConductors (PG2)+ 4.0%
1-7-2023DehnTools and accessories (PG3)+ 5.0%
1-7-2023DehnSurge arresters (PG4)+ 6.5%
1-7-2023DehnPersonal and labour protection (PG5)+ 5.0%
1-7-2023Kraus&NaimerFull range+ 6.5%
1-7-2023HoneywellHearing protection+ 5.0% - + 8.0%
1-7-2023HoneywellEye, face and head protection+ 1.0% - + 4.0%
1-7-2023HoneywellFall protection+ 1.0% - + 6.0%
1-7-2023HoneywellWork shoes+ 1.0% - + 3.5%
1-7-2023HoneywellRespiratory protection+ 1.0% - + 6.0%