New technical distributor for industry in Catalonia, Spain

August 8th , 2013 – brothers Josep en Francesc Adroher are launching a new initiative in the distribution of electro technical components and related services to industrial end users and equipment manufacturers in Catalonia, Spain. To this end, they have joined the international itsme group.

This makes Spain the fifth country in which industrial customers can rely on the knowhow and involvement of itsme. Elektres, headquartered in Girona (90 kilometres north of Barcelona), is set to open its doors in the first quarter of 2014. A dedicated staff is looking forward to getting started and working purposively to get everything ready.

Elektres has a strong focus: the industrial sector. The ambition is clear too: industrial customers have specific needs and requirements for the availability of and advise on electrical engineering components, systems and logistics solutions that optimise their company processes. "Our knowhow is based on experience and practical understanding of electrical technology and logistic. This not only provides customers with a reliable supply of components and systems, but also with services that can lead to a competitive advantage.", explains Henk Oude Brunink, director of itsme.

By joining the itsme Group, Elektres is from the very outset in a position to offer its customers the highly valued itsme helpdesk support and in-house developed training courses of itsme Industrial Automation. Elektres will also offer innovative and proven company process optimization services supported by itsme Connected Business. Josep Adroher: "itsme enables us to distinguish ourselves from the start and to focus on our core business immediately. We will not only be able to offer components and knowledge, but also technical and logistic services. A complete and efficient approach for the supply chain of our customers."

Customers increasingly ask for specific solutions in managing their (lean) processes and seek to improve their competitiveness through innovation in technology. In addition, many of them, and in turn their customers, develop international or multinational. The aim of itsme is to support this development technical, managerial and geographically. According to board member Peter Leeflang, the addition of delivery options for the Spanish market is therefore a natural step for itsme.

The international industrial supplier group itsme (industrial technology and supply for mechanical and electrical) has an annual turnover of approximately € 200 million and 520 employees. The companies ES Elektro, Hoogland-Mennens, Schultz+Erbse, Breemes and ES Elektro Romania belong to the itsme-group.